In Conversation with Sloan Lanier

Excited to start working in the insurance world, Sloan is glowingly positive about her experience thus far. With regular check-ins and catch-ups, Sloan praises her Rokstone colleagues for making her feel so welcome from day one. She explains, “They take the time to really get to know you. It has made for an all-around great experience on the first step of my career.”

Crediting the team with excellent communication, Sloan believes they have played an imperative part in helping her excel in her new role from her first day. Her colleagues are always happy to jump onto a Teams call to run through any questions she may have, something Sloan very much appreciates.

The team understands that everyone has their first day at one time or another. As a result, they never make you feel inadequate for asking a question. Sloan says, “With the team, it feels like they genuinely want to help you.”

On a day-to-day basis, Sloan works closely with underwriters as their right-hand woman. Sloan works behind the scenes, reserving accounts, creating proposals, policies, binders, and anything else they may need.

Keen to learn from her new co-workers and apply her newly obtained knowledge, one of the best aspects of working at Rokstone is the environment itself, drawing praise from Sloan for being fun. She says, “It was important to me to find a role in a relaxed environment.”

It was after seeing a relative at a family reunion party that the seed for Risk Management as a career option was planted in Sloan’s mind. Going on to major in Risk Management and Insurance, Sloan joins Rokstone after graduating from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.

After moving to Miami for work, outside of the office, Sloan enjoys spending time at the beach and taking advantage of the retail therapy on offer in Miami’s vibrant shopping scene. On quieter days, she likes to curl up with a good book in the window of a coffee shop as the world winds wildly by.

Confident that she could spend many years of her career at Rokstone, Sloan is here for the long haul. Rokstone President, Michael Simone is excited about Sloan’s future in the company. He says,

“Sloan is highly engaged and passionate. She has a focused, analytical process that enables her to learn quickly and ultimately thrive.”

Despite only joining in June 2022, Sloan is already exploring new departments within the business, getting more into the legal side of claims, and expanding her understanding of claims contracts. Seeing long-term potential in Rokstone CRU, Sloane knew it would be a perfect place for her to cultivate her interest in construction risk.

Sloan Lanier

Risk Analyst


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