Lead Excess claims explored with Richard Isgard

Richard Isgard, the Senior Vice President of Claims has detailed the advantages of purchasing a primary and excess policy together, in the latest edition of video interview series Rokstone Explores.

We have recently launched a new $5,000,000 Lead Excess product, designed to complement our primary General Liability offering.

In his discussion with Aventum’s Marketing Director Matt Field, Richard explained how he is written into agreements with the primary and excess carrier partners to assist in managing claims for both, and that this was beneficial to all parties in the event of a claim.

“I work together with the customers, both the primary and excess insurers, the brokers, the safety professionals, the defense counsel and the TPA, and I make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction, and this way we can reach our goal of closing out the claims in the most efficient and effective manner.”

Richard Isgard, Senior Vice President of Claims

This ‘Rokstone linkage’ between the primary and excess carriers, he added, was especially beneficial for the end customer.

“First, it ensures that the excess carrier will receive early notice of any claims, it avoids any surprises, and it also encourages early involvement by the excess carrier,” Richard said.

“Second, the Rokstone philosophy is shared by both the primary carrier and the excess carrier. We work together and reduce cost expenses, and that way we can resolve claims faster, and on more advantageous terms.”

Furthermore, by Rokstone handling claims for both the primary and excess carrier, Richard explained how it avoided any contradictory messaging from either, increasing the speed at which claims can be resolved.

“By closing out claims quickly and efficiently, it also minimises the impact on the customer’s operations, which is very beneficial to the client, so they can just focus on construction,” he added.

Richard explained during the conversation how communication, and the sharing of information with all parties, is the most important aspect of claims management.

He went on to discuss the benefits of project-specific policies in the construction sector, and how they can also result in the faster resolution of claims.

Watch the full video interview below to find out more, along with details about our claims strategy and Richard’s own views on the current challenges of dealing with construction claims in the US.

Richard Isgard

Senior Vice President/Head of Claims


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