When it comes to complex construction risks, we’ve got you covered

By combining our diverse product line with our broad ranging appetite to support a variety of construction projects across the country, Rokstone CRU creates innovative insurance solutions to the ever-changing and evolving construction risk environment.

By listening to our partners, our experienced team of complex commercial construction specialists are enabled  to understand our customers needs and provide them  with superior services and results that exceed expectations and build the foundations for long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Let’s take a look at the industry leading products we are delivering.

Owners Interest

Available across the United States, except New York, our Owners Interest product targets large, complex construction projects. Offering comprehensive coverage, it is written by an experience-rich team, focusing on project-specific and rolling programs with terms ranging from one to five years.

General Liability

This program is designed to provide third party liability coverage for large construction projects. Our experienced team is equipped with the expertise to write practically any type of large commercial construction project, including infrastructure projects such as roads, airports and power plants, data centers and entertainment and medical facilities. With cover available to owners as well as contractors, capacity can be deployed nationwide across the United States, for project-specific and rolling projects. Project terms range between one and five years.

Lead Excess

Our follow form Lead Excess insurance product, which is designed to sit above our primary General Liability product offering, is focused on controlled insurance programs for both contractors and owners - in addition to project-specific policies for contractors.    We understand that large construction projects are historically complex ventures with many potential exposures, and in the event of a significant claim, our Lead Excess product provides coverage and claims continuity for our customers by adding another layer of connected protection. 

Wood Frame Builders Risk

In 2021, Rokstone CRU launched an admitted Builders Risk project to provide cover  for a  highly engineered, combustible construction product. Although this is a challenging class with limited capacity in the market, we are able to bring this A rated capacity to market by employing one of the finest underwriting teams in the industry with decades of experience.    The team has spent over ten years assisting developers and general contractors implement operational and safety improvements to reduce losses and increase profits. Target customers are luxury  developers and  policy terms are up to 36 months.

We make complex construction risks and claims simple.

Through effective and clear communication with the broker and sponsor from the beginning to the end of the claim, Rokstone CRU ensures efficient claims handling and an optimal claim experience. With extensive resources devoted to the management of claims, we do the work to achieve more favorable outcomes so that the customer can focus on what they do best- building projects.  Continual re-evaluations of claim strategies confirm each claim is on the right track and enable us to focus on the resolution of claims.

By focusing solely on the Construction Industry and Developers, Rokstone CRU customizes insurance solutions, tailored to each client’s unique needs. Utilizing sound underwriting practices and integrating our product lines, we build solid business relationships with our broker partners and customers. Our dedication to an exemplary customer service culture incorporates innovative claims-handling practices and implements a proactive, risk-engineering approach to mitigate losses.

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