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Claim reporting is easy with Broadspire TelePlus®, your 24/7/365 claim-reporting center.
Select among four simple options to report your claims.

Phone: 800-753-6737
Fax: 800-245-9927
For online reporting only: Access our website at

Prompt Reporting Means Prompt Action

Prompt loss reporting is vital to the claim handling process. Our efforts to provide top-quality claim service depend heavily upon notification of the claim. The sooner we have your claim, the sooner we can swing into action.

  • Claim data is electronically transmitted to the local branch claim office immediately

  • Broadspire claim management resources are activated and begin work on your claim

  • Emergency claims will route to the Escalation Queue based on specific criteria within the intake system

Information to Prepare

Please contact us as soon as you have some or all of the information listed below. We may ask a few more questions when you report the claim, but we’d prefer that you contact us as soon as possible.

 Critical Information

  • Your firm’s name

  • Your firm’s policy number

  • Rokstone Program ID

  • Client-specific ID

  • Your name, phone number and fax number

  • The name, phone number and fax number of the person to contact for issues involving this claim (if other than you)

  • Description of the accident

  • Description of the injury/property Damage

  • Location, date and time of occurrence

  • Other involved party’s names, addresses and phone numbers

  • Witness name, address and phone number

Richard Isgard

Senior Vice President/Head of Claims


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