Risk Engineering Services

Rokstone CRU recognizes that the delivery of efficient and effective Risk Engineering services are a key element to achieving superior loss control processes, management of risk and overall client satisfaction.

We are pleased to partner with SML Capital Advisors, a national leader in loss control on construction projects, to develop and implement these essential services. SML is composed of a team of insurance and safety professionals with decades of loss control and risk analysis experience.

Every organization faces the potential risk of loss from a broad range of incidents and emerging exposures. Rokstone CRU and SML Capital Advisors work together with the client to understand unique project hazards and create customized safety processes and procedures that will dramatically reduce and potentially eliminate these exposures.

Our approach is to engage and work closely with the client’s management team to review project systems and plans, identifying areas of concern. By engaging with the client’s leadership team and utilizing these feedback systems, we are able to provide customized solutions and processes to fill any risk gaps and implement enhanced safety and risk management practices from the boardroom to the field level employees.

Together, Rokstone CRU and SML Capital Advisors are committed to delivering the very best full service and cost-effective risk engineering-led product on the market.


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