Rokstone CRU Expands Carrier Partnership with Builders

At Rokstone CRU, we are delighted to announce a significant development in our carrier partnerships. We are expanding our partnership with Builders, who will now support our Lead Excess product, in addition to our Wood Frame Builders Risk product.

After evaluating our options, we have decided to replace our previous carrier with the Atlanta-based, A-rated insurance carrier. Builders bring exceptional expertise in Workers' Compensation and Construction Insurance, and the move marks a pivotal change for Rokstone CRU.

 Builders and Rokstone: The Perfect Fit

Builders is a renowned insurance carrier with over 30 years of stability and reliability, and we are proud to partner with them on not just one but two product lines. The existing support they provide for our Wood Frame Builders Risk product has been instrumental in delivering outstanding results in a highly challenging area of the market.

Building on this successful relationship, we are excited to expand Builders’ support to our Lead Excess insurance product, designed for large construction projects, including infrastructure ventures such as airports, power plants, and wastewater treatment plants.

 Builders’ Expertise

Builders’ specialization in Workers’ Compensation and Construction Insurance aligns perfectly with our focus, making them the ideal carrier partner for us. Their exceptional expertise in the construction sector allows us to offer comprehensive insurance solutions to a wider array of buyers, strengthening our position in the market and enabling us to compete effectively against larger insurers.

 Committed to Excellence

We take immense pride in our core values and approach to conducting business. We believe our success lies in effective communication, flexibility, active listening, and maintaining high retention with our clients. Our diligent underwriters and expert claims handling set us apart, and we are delighted that Builders recognised these qualities as what they wanted to further support.

 A Brighter Future

The expansion of our relationship with Builders represents an exciting new chapter for Rokstone CRU - further solidifying our position in the construction insurance market. By partnering with Builders, we aim to broaden their reach in the construction sector while providing our clients with even more comprehensive and reliable insurance solutions.

The decision to switch carriers for our Lead Excess insurance is an important milestone. We enjoy a fulfilling partnership with Builders and are excited about the future expansion. We are confident that the extended partnership will present new opportunities for growth as we strive to provide innovative solutions and unparalleled support to our clients and brokers.


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